Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Applying Science to Supply Chain Management - II

I had written in an earlier article saying that more solutions are coming to the market using sophisticated science. Also I had published a discussion on the causes for adoption gap, between supply chain management practitioners and practitioners in other disciplines, of sophisticated science to solve complex problems.
Here is a recent article (subscription required) titled "Time to Dust Off the Books: Consider Probabilistic Optimization Techniques" from Lora Cecere at AMR Research which argues that "SCP professionals need to embrace and better understand optimization." She also talks about the need for adoption of the new generation of Supply Chain Management software that use both deterministic and probabilistic techniques.
Since I wrote the article titled "Applying Science to Supply Chain Management: Pendulum Swinging Back?," I came across a few more solution providers that are in their early stages of customer adoption - Zilliant and Metreo in the price optimization space and Truedemand in the predictive analytic applications space.
A lot more innovation is waiting to happen in this area both from the software tools perspective and from the "helping companies use the tools" perspective ...
Karthik Mani


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  2. Interesting take on this topic. As we apply more science, we will have results that we can measure and reproduce.

    Kendall Gordan, SE