Saturday, February 06, 2010

Setting up a blog - top learnings

Here are the learnings that I went through to setup (in my case resetting up) a blog

1. Buying a domain is worth it and these days it is a pittance.
2. Using a free software like blogger blogging is worth it. They are good enough, but remember to point it to your domain (something like - pretty easy to do.
3. Setup analytics to track the visits to the site
4. You have to add an RSS feed and an email subscription feed. Simple process, but it is an extra step that I forgot to do and then went back and did it.
5. If you want, setup a twitter feed. You can allow users to retweet using tweetmeme. You can tweet your articles automatically using twitterfeed.

Here is a slide show which can walk you through this one. It is current as of February 2010. I am sure what you see will be different from this as time progresses. This is just a quick guide on what's possible rather than a step by step how to instructions.

If you have experience setting up a blog, please add comments.


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