Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More than half the players on the MLB Roster are pitchers! Did not realize that.

March 03, 2010

In a baseball game, a team has, on the field, 9 players out of which 1 is a pitcher. Interesting statistics. More than half the players on the Major League Baseball (MLB) Roster are pitchers! This is what I found from the 40-man rosters of 8 randomly selected MLB teams (1/2 in each league) as they stand today. 

After I saws the statistics collated, I rationalized it. The starting pitchers are on 4 or 5 game rotation during the regular season - so the hitters start 150 to 160 games, the pitchers start 30 to 35 games. Also you need the bullpen - the relievers to come in after the starter and a closer in most games. You need right-handers and left-handers in the bull-pen. Till I looked at it, I wouldn't have guessed that the fraction of the roster who are pitchers is that high.

Were you surprised?


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