Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meteor Shower That Was Either the Greatest or Not ...

Shooting Star designed by misirlou
from the Noun Project
Heard from a friend about the Camelopardalids meteor shower - never before seen, "It could be spectacular or it could be a total washout" meteor shower. "If the meteor shower is in top form, it will be a thrilling and unprecedented experience, with perhaps an average of 200 shooting stars an hour hurtling across the sky," said Patricia Yollin on KQED NEWS

Woke up the daughter  at 3 AM and walked with her to the golf course to see the meteor shower. It was a beautiful, calm, nearly cloud free night. The crescent moon was just above the eastern horizon and the action was to be in the North. Perfect temperature for short sleeves. No mosquitoes. Heard the goose. Heard the crickets. Heard the frogs.  Couldn't have asked for better viewing conditions.

No meteors were visible. Could have been that the meteor shower was a dud. Could be that we did not have the patience to make sure eyes are adapted to the dark – this takes about 45 minutes -without looking at a phone screen or any other light source. Got home and was at least able to see the conjunction of Venus and Moon.

Thankful for the walk with the daughter listening to all she has learned about constellations from "Fancy Nancy Sees Stars"! Not sure I can convince her to get up in the middle of the night to see some celestial happening again, but that is for another time.

- Karthik

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