Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Running everyday for the last 45 years! 190,715 miles!!

Hats off to Jon Sutherland! Jon, a California high school cross country coach, broke the record for the longest running streak in the U.S. - 16,438 days in a row. I try to run everyday. I succeed for a few days at a time; the continuous stretches are measured in days rather than weeks, let alone years!

190,000 miles of running over a life time - that is crazy too. The first time I looked at that number, it looked doable at my current pace. Then I did the math. In 12 years, I have done 9746.1 miles - I have been lucky to have not had any major injuries. It will take me 223 more years! I am not planning to be around that long, let alone trying to run that many years!

Even more impressive than the distance and the number of consecutive days he has run, is the fact that he has run through injuries - 10 broken bones, a fractured hip, arthroscopic surgeries on both knees. I like the way he put it, "And you just really miss [running], you know. You miss the sweating and the wind blowing through your hair and, you know, the movement and just the exercise. You really miss it. It really is a physical addiction." Well said!

- Karthik

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